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(Last updated 8/10/2006)

Certified IDs:

Certified IDs are available for use on Blairsville.comSM.  Certified IDs are forum logins that have been validated and thus are certified as belonging to and representing the organization for which they are speaking.   These IDs provide a measure of authority and validation that the person writing is able to speak on behalf of the organization that they represent, and readers can be assured that there is no impersonation or willful misrepresentation going on.

Categories have been set up for:

  • Government

  • Church

  • Business

  • Administrators

  • Moderators

Visually, certified IDs have ribbons attached to their profile name, indicating that this ID has been validated by BoeBro Ventures, Inc. as belonging to the organization referenced. This validation process happens in person with a specified BoeBro Ventures, Inc. representative.

Certified ID Setup:

If you would like to obtain a validated ID for your company or organization, please use the following validation process:

  1. Submit a letter to BoeBro Ventures, Inc. on official letterhead for your organization requesting a validated ID, signed by a principal officer or representative. This letter should indicate what category of ID certification is desired. This letter should also indicate the forum ID used, who will be using it, and contact information to setup a meeting time.

  2. At an agreed upon time, a representative of BoeBro Ventures, Inc. will meet with the requestor and ask them to log in to the Blairsville.comSM website using the previously indicated userID.

  3. Upon successful login, the BoeBro Ventures, Inc. representative will initiate a confirmed ID status.

  4. Upon successful review, BoeBro Ventures, Inc. will update the userID profile to include the certification symbol.

Note: When deciding whether to get a business owner certificate for your existing account, think about whether or not the things you have posted or will post should be a reflection on your business.

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