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(Last updated 5/9/2006)

This statement is included by reference into the entire Usage Policy.

About the Service may occasionally post informational "alerts" at the top of web pages to draw visitor and member attention to local weather information, news events, or website activity.  These alerts are for your information and convenience only.  You should not rely on to be your primary source of information regarding dangerous weather conditions or similar news events.

Limitations of Service

Neither BoeBro Ventures, Inc. ("provider") nor ("the site") is responsible for inaccuracies in alert information, nor is the provider or site responsible for its visitors' and members' actions taken based on alerts provided.  Posting of alerts is a manual process, and subject to the limitations of current technology, so neither the provider nor the site guarantees that all relevant or important alerts will be posted or that those events posted will remain on the site long enough for everyone to see.  Alerts are not posted on a 24x7 period, so there will be gaps of time where no event alerts are posted to the site.

Submission of Events

If you have a local-area news event that you would like to have considered for posting to this service, please email  Keep in mind that since this is not a 24x7 monitored email address, not all submissions will be reviewed in time to be posted in an effective manner.



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