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1484 Posts Administrator

Posted - 07/18/2006 :  2:04:42 PM  Show Profile  Visit Admin's Homepage
A number of posts have recently been removed for violating the Usage Policy. While we can only discuss the specifics of why any particular post has been removed with that original poster (upon request and at the email address specified in their profile), we wanted to provide some general guidance on how productive criticism can still be posted :

First, you can post your opinion about a wide range of topics, especially those with a public concern, such as the quality of the local businesses and services. You cannot, however, name specific people's names (either in whole or part, directly or indirectly) unless they are a public person.

Second, you cannot post a negative statement of fact about any person or company. Accusing someone of doing something, like committing a crime, is a negative statement of fact. You may discuss things that are publicly reported elsewhere, as long as you provide a link or reference to where that information is published.

Please note that we will not provide specific assistance in determining whether a post violates the usage policies. You cannot email us ahead of time and ask whether or not it is acceptable. Nor, if it is found to not meet our guidelines, can we specify to you which part of the message does not meet the guidelines. Additionally, in removing posts, we typically will err to the side of cautiousness, so we suggest you use the same approach when writing your post.

As you can tell by reading the variety of posts and topics, a wide range of discretion is provided in what may be posted. But, adherence to the Usage Policies is what will ensure that we continue to provide this valuable service to the Blairsville, Georgia community. All of us would hate to see the public forums end up closed or severly curtailed simply because of a few "bad seeds."


1484 Posts Administrator

Posted - 12/01/2006 :  12:11:17 AM  Show Profile  Visit Admin's Homepage
There's a reason that sex, politics, and religion aren't discussed in polite company and that's because those subjects short-circuit polite behavior. It's hard to keep a rein on emotion when the person on the other side of the discussion is touching on deeply held beliefs. While we would like to have every subject and every topic open for discussion, the topics under those three headings again and again dissolve into heated arguments that spill onto other areas of the forum.

We have never heard these subjects discussed amongst as many people in the grocery store, in the library, or in a restaurant. And yet, they're brought up on here. Clearly there's a desire to talk with others about these subjects. But talking about it here is just like doing so at the library or in a restaurant. We know each other in real life. We're even congregating together soon for a holiday gathering. These subjects are better left to national-focused boards where people can get their feelings and ire and angst communicated without risking it spilling over into our relations as a community - whether that community is here online or in our real life town.

This board, by virtue of its name and our stated intentions, is focused solely on Blairsville, Georgia. We didn't report on election results from other communities because of that focus. We do list area events from neighboring communities, but only because of the likely interest by members of this local community.

Again, we'd like to keep the conversations going on here to those directly tied to Blairsville and Union County. It distorts the usefulness of this board to allow it to be a battleground for ideology and national issues. There are many other places to debate religion or national politics.

The fact that it's Blairsville people discussing it is not enough of a local connection. For political issues (if people voted on it - it's political), it has to be directly related to Blairsville. For religious discussions, it's like a Bible Study class. The subject is set at the beginning and discussion centers around striving for a deeper understanding and not to debate the beginning premise. Having a discussion is not arguing though. If someone has an opposing view, they would need to go create their own "study group" (i.e. topic) for that differing view.

Lastly, you'll have to bear with us. It may be that a topic will have to progress a bit before we can figure out it's not really about Blairsville. Just because a topic is allowed to stay after the initial post doesn't mean that it will be allowed to continue. We may be waiting to determine the relevance to our local community by the following posts.
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